[ZPatterns] Re: [Zope] SkinScript: manage_FTPput / manage_FTPget

Steve Alexander steve@cat-box.net
Thu, 01 Nov 2001 14:18:14 +0000

Anthony Baxter wrote:

>>>>"Jean Jordaan" wrote
>>Here's the patch, against ZPatterns-0-4-3p2:
>>[jean@blommie SkinScript]$ diff Methods.py
>>>    def manage_FTPget(self):
> [snip]
> You should probably get in the habit of using 'diff -c' or 'diff -u' -
> they're a far more reliable and readable form of diffs.


If you post a patch using one of the diff options Anthony mentioned, 
I'll include this in the next release of TransactionAgents/ZedPatterns.

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