[PEAK] Pickling Trellis objects?

David Eyk eykd at eykd.net
Sun Aug 12 01:55:02 EDT 2007

I noticed Trellis in the Cheeseshop yesterday, and have been poking
around with it.  Very cool stuff, and made even better by the
uncommonly helpful tutorial.  Thanks!

I would like to integrate Trellis into my current project, but I'm
fairly committed to using ZODB as a back-end for object persistence.
I looked into the trellis code a little, but I don't understand it
well enough to write __(get&set)states__ so that trellis objects will

My question:  is there or will there be any simple way to pickle
Component and Cell objects?  Is it in near-future plans, possibly what
the TrellisDB will be for?

--David Eyk

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