[PEAK] RuleDispatch not on Cheeseshop?

Jay Parlar parlar at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 15:09:15 EST 2006

> This should be in the setup.cfg (it's what I use for RuleDispatch-
> needing projects):
> [easy_install]
> find_links=http://peak.telecommunity.com/snapshots

Yeah, that's part of my normal procedure. Like I said though, new
Python install :)

Oh, and if I go look at the actual *installation instructions* for
TurboGears, it tells me to use the -f switch, which is pointing at a
location where the RuleDispatch egg is available...

So I guess it's not *really* a bug then, because the installation
instructions tell me what to do. However, I would assume that if
something is available on Cheeseshop, we should be able to just do a
'easy_install PackageName', and not have to worry about any install

I guess the world's not perfect though.

Jay P.

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