[PEAK] convenience methods to setup.py

michael bayer mike_mp at zzzcomputing.com
Fri Sep 30 21:38:49 EDT 2005

hi -

The next release of Myghty is probably going to use setuptools, via  
the normal setup.py script that is importing "use_setuptools" from  
the ez_setup.py script sitting right next to it.

All of my existing users are going to get the "CONFLICT WARNING"  
about "myghty" already being installed in an unmanaged state, since I  
have been using distutils up until now.  They also may or may not  
read/understand the message "you can run EasyInstall on 'Myghty' with  
the --delete-conflicting option", especially since many of them will  
have never heard of EasyInstall or make the connection that  
"ez_setup.py" runs EasyInstall.

So, the release will probably have this documented as to what that  
message means, and what they should do about it.   Those who don't  
pay attention may be confused by the results when they later try out  
new features and wonder why they don't work.

Might it be possible to have setup.py/setuptools.setup() itself  
support the "-D" option directly, without the need to run a separate  
program, to have it as an option to the setup() call itself, or to  
have it prompt the user with a friendly "Remove old version  
'myghty' [Y/n]" type of thing ?  all towards the goal of having an as- 
seamless-as-possible first impression with a new release.

- mike

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