[PEAK] Next PEAK release?

Tiago Cogumbreiro cogumbreiro at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 19:39:52 EDT 2005

Hello list and specially Philip,

I've been an happy PEAK user for a while now however I would like to
integrate PEAK in my upcoming OSS desktop applications.

The problem with this is that:

 a) PEAK is huge, 1.7 megas just to use the core part of PEAK scares
alot of users
 b) The webpage is outdated and so is the last stable release

On issue a) I was delighted when these two mails hit the ML:

Because I thought peak would be decoupled in more a less three parts
the core, which would group something as bindings, utils and events
and security a second package with models, storage, metamodels and a
third one with web. The benifits of this are inherent.

The second thing is how outdated PEAK is (in terms of the latest
release) and feels (the webpage).

It seems that 0.54dev is as stable as 0.53 is - what was the last
bugreport we had on the list? - What's missing for 0.54?

Also could we update the webpage?
The latest news is from 2004 (almost 1 year old) the CVS information
is outdated, since PEAK moved to SVN.
In the download page the "download up to the minute" link is broken.

I would be more then happy to put my money where my mouth is and help
out wherever it is needed.

Is it advised to embed PEAK into our applications instead of depending
on it? What I would really like to see is PEAK supported by a
distribution out there, but peak 0.54, not 0.53
Tiago Cogumbreiro <cogumbreiro at users.sf.net>


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