[PEAK] GNU Enterprise

Wolfgang Keller wolfgang.keller.nospam at gmx.de
Sun Feb 6 16:33:36 EST 2005

>>> Technologically, there are some other differences, such as GNUe's emphasis
>>> on CORBA.
>>There is no support for Corba in GNUe (implemented yet). Currently, XML-RPC
>>is used.
> How odd; I could have sworn the whole thing was built on an ORB, the last 
> time I looked.  Admittedly, that's been at least a year ago, maybe two.

Well, on the GNUe mailinglist Reinhard Müller told me that there is no
Corba support implemented. And I would guess that he's in a pretty good
position to know, because he's the one who is implementing the appserver.

Best regards

Wolfgang Keller

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