[PEAK] discovering peak.web

alexander smishlajev alex at ank-sia.com
Fri Feb 4 15:24:17 EST 2005

alexander smishlajev wrote, at 04.02.2005 21:26:
> lately i was trying to find out what peak.web is and how it ticks.

there are some things i didn't want to add to that quite long post.

in TALES, if path component points to callable, it is called to evaluate 
the component.  i didn't find such thing in PWT.  that's why the 
generator in my example component became property (it was method initially).

it seems to me that docstring in class Expects (module 
peak.web.templates) is wrong.

i didn't get the concepts of skins and ++ traversals.  we can go with 
what i've learned already, so i do not intend to dig into those matters, 
but i'm still curious, and would appreciate if someone could explain 
these concepts in simple words.

> === Simple WSGI handler ===
> We start with simple wrapper component, itself doing most of the request 
> processing.  {{{peak.web.Location}}} seems to be a good base for such 
> wrapper: request path traversal and security rules will be processed by 
> PEAK, so we can focus on our application.

i think we'll use this for web actions since "tier 2" isn't expected to 
appear in the nearest future...

best wishes,

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