[PEAK] dispatch -- more specific

Simon Belak simon.belak at hruska.si
Tue Dec 13 15:27:38 EST 2005

Phillip J. Eby wrote:
 > You can easily make this so by using a rule like "isinstance(a,int) and
 > a==3", which will then be more specific than "isinstance(a,int)".
 > That is, to force one condition to more specific than another, you need
 > only explicitly "and" the less specific condition with the more specific
 > one.  This forces it to be more specific by construction, even if
 > RuleDispatch could not otherwise infer the implication.

This is how I am doing it now, but it feels a bit messy (or probably 
dispatch as a whole has just spoiled me ;))).

On a related note, can specialisation of a generic function be a generic 
function. For instance:

def bar(my_arg):

If so, how do I access it's methods (when())?


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