[PEAK] MDA, it's hard

John D. Heintz jheintz at innodata-isogen.com
Fri Mar 12 14:17:27 EST 2004

How does PEAK's peak.model package compare/contrast with the Naked 
Objects approach?

It seems the automatic UI is the primary difference, but I wasn't sure 
if there was a deaper conceptual difference that was already known.


ps - Naked Object (http://www.nakedobjects.org) is at the least 
interesting but I'm not sure the generated UI would satisfy many customers.

Phillip J. Eby wrote:

> At 10:00 AM 3/12/04 -0600, darryl wrote:
>> I dont' know if the PEAK crowd is a weblog reading one, and there have 
>> been few postings on the mailing list so I thought I'd share an article
>> for discussion:
>> http://www.pacificspirit.com/blog/2004/03/03/model_driven_architecture_thoughts_its_hard 
> He's correct about the need to have leaky abstractions; in PEAK's 
> architectural pattern, the DataManager is currently the designated "leak 
> point".
> PEAK, however, at this point isn't emphasizing model-as-design so much 
> as model-as-code.  So, if you change your domain model in a PEAK app, 
> you're changing it at the code level, and a lot of the other issues then 
> go away.
> But he's also right that MDA isn't a panacea; it's a tool, and one 
> that's useful to have available.
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