[PEAK] Dependency Injection Examples with PEAK?

Tom Schwaller tom.schwaller at web.de
Sat Mar 6 08:35:10 EST 2004

After reading Martin Fowlers Article about Dependecy Injection (aka 
Inversion of Control (IoC)


I wonder how to compare PEAK with picocontainer.org / nanocontainer.org,
springframework.org and avalon.apache.org. 

Is it possible to write code with PEAK the way e.g. springframework.org
(new kid on the Java block) does it? I mean: complete separation of
Components and Configuration/Composition of Components. Looking at the
PEAK examples in the Dev-Wiki I have the impression that by using PEAK I
have to stick it deeply in my code and will never be able to get rid of
it. Maybe someone has a PEAK example which "emulates" the
Springframework approach (Setter Injection beeing the prefered IoC
approach there)

Tom Schwaller

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